Our Team

Nicolas Wenk

Ph.D. Student & Software engineer

(on the right)

Focus: Virtual Reality, Virtual Environment, Presence & Immersion, Avatar


From software development to health & rehabilitation: As his BSc thesis, Nicolas developed a Serious Game (SG) for neurorehabilitation interfaced with the lower limb rehabilitation robot from LHS S.A. As a research assistant, in parallel to his Master's Studies, he continued developing some more SG for neurorehabilitation in the project SG4R. For his master thesis, he started to explore the potential benefits of head-mounted displays (HMDs) for gait rehabilitation. Since 2019, when he joined the team, he continues to focus on HMD benefits, applied to upper-limb rehabilitation.


nicolas.wenk@artorg.unibe.ch | Freiburgstrasse 3, CH-3010