BioRob 2024 Workshop

TU Delft and TU Dresden

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Please find the abstract for our full-day Workshop at the 10th International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics below.

Towards Meaningful User Experiences in Human-Technology Interactions through Interdisciplinary Co-Creation Methods 

Join us for a dynamic workshop as we tackle the challenges of designing human-technology interaction applications that engage user experiences through co-creation methods. Our goal is to sensitize BIOROB researchers to the psychological and emotional impact of the technology they are developing, without losing focus on technical challenges and while embracing the advantages of interdisciplinary collaboration. Drawing on findings from current research, we will focus on the importance of human-centered design by co-exploring diverging and convergent thinking in the problem and solution spaces of the Double-Diamond model. 

We will provide talks that link literature-based frameworks with tangible examples to better understand the factors to focus on in co-creating human-technology interactions, like body-worn devices. Examining their physical, cognitive, and emotional impacts, we will delve into the embodied perceptions of exoskeletons, emphasizing corporeal dimensions. We will discuss study results indicating that Embodied Digital Technologies shape social perceptions of warmth and competence and address the challenges of transferring IoT technologies from research into desirable products.

From theory to practice, you will roll up your sleeves and actively engage in co-creation exercises. In collaboration with experts (e.g., end-users, psychologists, etc.), you will use selected tools and techniques (e.g., journey maps, personas, etc.) to empathize with end-users and better understand their needs, and, finally, co-create solutions in a rapid prototyping session. By emphasizing the process rather than focusing on the final design, we aim to demonstrate the value of interdisciplinary research and co-creation practices in shaping innovative applications that genuinely resonate with end-users.


Irene L. Y. Beck, Emese Papp-Schmitt, Salvatore Luca Cucinella, J. Micah Prendergast, Deborah Forster, Laura Marchal-Crespo, Lisa-Marie Lüneburg, Torben Söker, Maximilian Bretschneider